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Hot Dog & Fries

Hot Dog & Fries

Charlie’s Sides are just what you need for the smaller appetite or an addition to your main meal. Our most popular Popcorn!, but other favorites in the side menu include: Nachos (with cheese), Pretzels (add cheese if you like), Mini Tacos, French Fries (regular or curly), Pepperoni Balls, Onion Rings, Zucchini, Mushrooms, Cauliflower, Provolone Sticks, Deep Fried Ravioli, Cheesy Bread, Bread Sticks, Chicken Fingers, Pizza Logs, Poppers, Potato Skins, and our Fried Veggie Basket (zucchini, mushrooms, cauliflower, onion rings, potato skins)

Kids Meals, for kids of all ages, include: Hot Dog & Fries, Mac-n-Cheese, Chicken Fingers & Fries, Toasted Cheese & Fries, Spaghetti & Meatball

Soups & Chili – Every day the Charlie Kitchen has a fresh “Soup of the Day”, along with the always available Chili and French Onion Soup.

Hot Dogs – Always the best hot dog and always available, choose from plain, cheese, chili, or cheese & chili!

pepsi cup

Desserts – Fresh Baked Cookies & Brownies are just what you need for the sweet finish to your Charlie’s Pub meal.

Beverages – Charlie’s Pub carries Pepsi products: Pepsi * Diet Pepsi * Mountain Dew * Dr. Pepper * Diet Dr. Pepper * Sierra Mist * Orange Crush * Brisk Raspberry Tea * Root Beer * Sobe Life Water * Sweet Tea * Unsweetened Tea * Lemonade * Loganberry * Milk * Adult beverages are available at our full service bar.